Connected Education Campaign

Connected Education Campaign

The Microsoft® Connected Education campaign targets business decision makers at education institutions around the world. The campaign messages a portfolio of solutions, professional development, curricula, tools and resources designed to advance 21st century teaching, learning and support managing the business of education to improve learning outcomes for every student. The campaign will lead with a simple message of how to speak holistically of our technology offerings for the education sector and then offer the field four separate Solution Area modules: eLearning, Institutional Effectiveness, Operational Efficiency and Research Management. You have the option to market all of the solutions under Connected Education or each of them individually.

Connected Education campaign marketing resources.

Four Solution Areas


 Specific Education Campaigns


 Audience Education Resources


​​The audience focused marketing resources allow you to provide teachers, professors and education leaders with tools specifically designed to help them use Microsoft products successfully in the classrooms and academic environments. Start by becoming familiar with Microsoft's commitment by opening or downloading these two .pdfs: